Management consultancy mainly aims to improve company performance by analizing existing problems, generating solutions and developing methods for successful progress of corporations. In spite of long established history in Europe and USA, management consultancy is a developing concept in Turkey. Plan B provides management consultancy services in following scope.



The aim of consultancy service on institutionalization aims the continuity of companies in business life not by dependence to individuals but to the system.  Our expert consultant team from various fields of occupation, enables us to create solutions after analyzing  the sittuation from various point of views.


Recruitment System Management

Process starts with development of recruitment procedure  according to company structure and policies. Plan B also provides consultancy services in implementation phase



Plan B provides restructuring consultancy services especially when companies experience strategic changes such as expansion, entering a new sector or crisis periods.


Determination of Mission, Vision And Target Statements

One of the most critical key for company success is determination of a target. Plan B assists companies for determination of target and set milestones via “smart” model, clarity of company structure, consideration of changes in industry and economy.


Building Compensation & Benefits System

Compensation degree is set systematically for every position in the corporation according to employee roles and responsibilities. Our original compensation and benefits model, which is developed by our academician team is adapted to company by concerning every corporate’s uniqueness. Model aims to create fair, retain existing employees, attract potential employees, support development, increase motivation and appreciate high performance. System covers whole compensation and benefits package. Plan B also submit regional, industrial and economical data with the consulting company.


Building Bonus and Reward System

Bonus and reward system which motivates, rewards, increase performance of employees and does not damages balance of payments  of the company is built up with alternatives.


Building Performance Appraisal System

The aim is to build a structure that enables human resources work effectively and efficiently. In this structure, control points are determined and performances evaluated systematically. Thus, paths of developments are determined for both individuals and corporation.


Building Career Planning and Back Up System

Career paths and maps are created for every position for corporate human resources planinng and back up activities.


Organizational Structure Design

Organizations structure designed in most effective manner according to job descriptions with analysis and technical data.


Profit Improvement Analysis

Plan B submits analysis and alternative projects according to the company’s profit improvment targets.


Growth Pattern Analysis

Plan B submits analysis and alternative projects according to the company’s growth patterns.


Evaluation of Employee Satisfaction

Plan B designs and conducts interviews & surveys to determine the degree of employee satisfaction within the corporation. Our expert team, systematically analyzes gathered data.

Evaluation of Corporate Training Requirements 

Plan B designs and conducts interviews & surveys to determine training needs within the corporation.  Our expert team systematically analyzes gathered data.

Plan B is a registered Private Employment Agency approved by İşkur, Registration Number 2011/499.

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