What is Career?
Career can be defined as a progress, success and specialization in a profession achieved through time and effort. Therefore, career is a continuous and dynamic process and it can not be completed by choosing a profession.
The concept of career involves the tasks before and after the profession, leisure time activities, roles that are held in the society and developments in those tasks. In that manner, career has wider perspective than the concept of profession.  Therefore, today emphasis is on “career development” rather than “selection of profession”.
It is possible to see many individuals who work in the jobs they don’t like due to lack of recognition of themselves and professions they choose. One of the most critical decision in life time is to make right career choice to achieve success, hapiness and satisfaction.
What is Career Consultancy?
Career Consultancy is a service, provided by a professional consultant, to individuals or small groups to inform them about their career choices, assist and guide them with career transitions, to overcome the career related issues that they might experience.
Breifly Career Consultancy is helping the individual to analyze himself/herself and be well informed about his/her career and profession.
Which Career Consultancy Services Do We Provide?
Success is inevitable when interest, talent and correctly determined goals meet. From this point of view, our career consultancy modules have been designed for individuals from different ages or various years of work experiences whom could all benefit. We introduce a comprehensive career consultancy program, which up to now has been distributed among a variety of disciplines.
Especially, career planning and informative seminars that introduce different aspects of working environment assists students or individuals who have limited work experience.
Main features of this comprehensive career consultancy that Plan B provides are:
•    Interview with the individual
•    Choosing and conducting appropriate tests and surveys to determine sphere of interest, talent, career values and personal traits of the individual.
•    Feedback and decision making process
•    Determining career goals and designing a career development plan.
•    Preparing CV and letter of intention; How to be successful in a job interview
•    Motivational studies
•    Periodic consultancy to reach career goals


Plan B is a registered Private Employment Agency approved by İşkur, Registration Number 2011/499.

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